3 Great Reasons to Switch to Chrome Browser

Unlike the release schedule of the Android operating system, new versions of the Chrome browser come out so often that they’re distinguished only by the version number. The most recent release is number 57, and it packs a little more wallop than the average upgrade.

5 Ways to Improve VOIP Security

Do I really need VOIP Security?

Not that long ago, VoIP services were a new and revolutionary concept. Nowadays, internet-based voice communication is commonplace among SMBs, which means it’s time to turn our attention toward improving their security.

Network Virtualization or SDN: Are They the Same?

Nobody’s perfect, even IT technicians. We’ve seen plenty of people interpret software-defined networking and network virtualization as the same exact service, but it’s time we clear up the difference. It’s small, but it could be the difference between major cost savings and a small increase in functionality.

2017 Cyber Security: New Digital Dangers

Spring is rapidly approaching, and we are starting to see a new batch of cyber threats. As advances are made in the world of technology, businesses anticipate changes that can make life more convenient. But, like snakes slithering into your home, cyber attackers also keep up with technological changes for their own nefarious ends.

What is WebRTC & Is it the “Voip Killer”?

Although some critics are labeling the newest tool in the internet-based telecommunications field a “VoIP killer,” nothing could be further from the truth. If you aren't part of the telecom industry, you may find yourself asking, "what is WebRTC and who cares?" The reality of the situation is that this new technology, WebRTC, is here to make it even easier for customers to contact your business using the internet.

Managed Solutions Create Technology ROI

For many business owners, calculating the return on investment of a new technology purchase can be tricky. Some may not even see the value of calculating it, and therefore skip this step. This, however, can be a costly mistake to your business because if your technology isn’t saving you money, it’s costing you.

Electronic Data Solutions: 3 Common Mistakes

Are your Electronic Data Solutions performing at maximum efficiency?
Electronic data solutions may be one of the easiest facets of virtualization to explain, but that doesn’t make it immune to problems arising from confusion. There are a few things that can cause virtual data storage to underperform, and most of them can be easily fixed by technicians who know their stuff.

Are VoIP Business Phone Services in your future?

VoIP business phone services have come a long way since the mid-90s when the technology first enabled phone calls over the internet. Thoughtful developments in telephony hardware and software have driven its growth, and enhanced internet functionality has been a key component, too.

Do your Office 365 Consultants recommend Office Insider?

Should Office 365 Consultants be recommending Office insider?
Microsoft churns out new Office 365 features for users almost every month. Last year, there were several additions to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that further enhanced user experience. This year, Microsoft will likely introduce new features that can benefit businesses.